Social Boston Sports – New Year New You Bootcamp

Social Boston Sports

I’ve signed up for a Social Boston Sports bootcamp in Jan & Feb.

I’m on a team with my former Fit League teammate (in 2012) Desirée, called “On Wednesday’s We Do Burpees”. Side note – how is that 4 years ago?!

The classes are Yoga on Mondays and Boot Camp on Wednesdays – both at 7 PM.

The 1st class was last night, but I was feeling under the weather so I just showed up to check in & pick up my shirt…only to find out they didn’t make shirts for this league. I grumpily headed home.

Hopefully I’ll feel better on Wednesday night & will be able to attend the 1st boot camp session – and meet my teammates.

Edit 1/7:

Due to a scheduling mix up with the gym the SBS league is hosted at, classes were pushed back an hour to 8 PM. Sadly, that hour was too much of a difference for me, so I dropped the league.

I’ve been suffering from insomnia lately, and I don’t think exercising so close to bedtime would to help with my sleep. (I wouldn’t get home till 9:30 PM & I usually go to bed at 10 PM.)

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