Barre & Soul Harvard Sq – 1st Class



Yesterday, at 6 PM, I took my 1st barre class at the new Barre & Soul studio in Harvard Sq.

You may remember from my previous posts about Barre & Soul, they opened this studio on July 20th and are giving me a free month pass to try it out this month.

The studio isn’t marked on the overall map of the Garage building in Harvard Sq, so to avoid frantic looking on your 1st visit (my experience), enter on the JFK street side, and walk up the ramp on your right. The studio took over the spot the clothing store Hootenanny previously occupied.

Once I found the studio & the instructor checked me in, I calmed down a bit.

Another FYI: they do not have locker rooms so come dressed for class. They have 2 bathrooms but lines get long. I ended up bringing my purse with me into class, but next time I’ll see if I can take the T over without bringing my purse, just my id & T pass in a pocket.

The 6 PM class was PACKED.

I’m a total coward when I’m a newbie at something. (I know, you totally don’t believe me!) I glanced around the room and didn’t see space available for me to set up.

I was about to abandon the class and return home to Quincy (50 minute T ride away) when a kind class regular saw me, and made space in between her mat and the mat next to her for me to put my mat. She was very sweet and chatted with me till class started, so I had no further plans to run away. 🙂

The instructor for this class, Quinn, was pretty wonderful!

She was great at making sure everyone got a workout at their level and explained what mods could be made for newbies like me.

Suddenly, all the things that seemed intimidating to me pre-class were easily used in the class. The strap that you wrap over the barre for some moves, blocks, ball, and weights all were used properly after explanations.

I am sore today, but I think that’s good! Who new small movements “pulses” could be such a great workout for your muscles. I definitely feel I got a great workout and am glad I tried something new to change up my workout routine.

I’ll be checking out classes with a different instructor next week and will blog again after those classes.

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