Hoop Vinyasa Is Not For Me


Last night, I attended a “Hoop Vinyasa” class at Barre & Soul Harvard Square.

I thought it was going to be a yoga class, where we used a hoop in some moves.

In reality, it was hula hooping on a yoga mat.

I am terrible at hula hooping & kept hurting my ankles as the hoop crashed to my feet.

I left the class after 15 minutes, realizing this just wasn’t for me.

And you know what? I’m FINE with that decision.

The best part of being an adult is when you plan a fun activity in your personal time for yourself & it turns out not to be fun, you can leave! It’s actually quite liberating.

I’m not mad at myself for trying a new class but leaving quickly.

It cost me commuting time, but that’s OK! I got to finish another chapter in Fast Food Nation. (Don’t read the “What’s in the Meat” chapter if you ever want to eat a hamburger again.)

My 31st birthday is on Friday, and I’m proud of myself for giving myself permission to realize trying new things doesn’t mean everything will be a perfect fit, and it’s OK to leave when you realize it isn’t a fit.

I’ll still be back at Barre & Soul for barre classes, and possibly a traditional yoga class. We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Hoop Vinyasa Is Not For Me

  1. That definitely sounds like a class I would be skipping. I’m not coordinated enough for hula hooping! But at least you gave it a shot! Happy Birthday!

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