Barre & Soul Harvard Sq – 2nd Barre Class



Yesterday, at 6 PM, I took my 2nd barre class at the new Barre & Soul studio in Harvard Sq.

You may remember from my previous posts about Barre & Soul, they opened this studio on July 20th and are giving me a free month pass to try it out this month.

This time, the MBTA was NOT on my side & I ran in just as class was starting.

THANK YOU Barre & Soul staff for letting me in to the class, despite not arriving at least 5 minutes before the class start time.

The instructor was new to me, Sarah Slowey.

Sarah was helpful with showing me what I should be doing as a lost newbie.

I’ve got 2 more Monday night barre classes with Sarah in my August schedule, so hopefully I’ll be early next time (darn delayed trains) and be able to follow along with the class better.

One thing I’ve noticed so far about barre class though, the time in class seems to fly by. There is enough change in movements that I never thought, “I need to see how much time is left” like I have in other fitness classes.

It’s surprising how much incremental movement works the muscles and you definitely feel it on the day after class!


2 thoughts on “Barre & Soul Harvard Sq – 2nd Barre Class

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