8/30 – Barre Class


Monday, at 6 PM, I took my 3rd barre class at the new Barre & Soul studio in Harvard Sq.

You may remember from my previous posts about Barre & Soul, they opened this studio on July 20th and gave me a free month pass to try it out.

How the heck did August go by so quickly?! It seems like just yesterday I was visiting this studio for the 1st time.

My instructor was Sarah Slowey, the same one I had for my 2nd barre class at Barre & Soul.

When I tweeted on Monday morning that I was looking forward to barre class that night as a great stress reliever, a friend replied, “I just did barre for the first time without hating last week. Going back on Thursday. Have a great class!”

I laughed because when I started out with barre, I wasn’t sure I’d like it either, but I’ve grown to love it.

My muscles feel even the incremental movements.

The instructors were great at correcting form, but not making you feel slow for not getting moves right away.

There were always varying ages of women in classes, and most of the older woman moved better than me so I was impressed!

I’m going to miss classes at Barre & Soul in Harvard Sq. (If they were closer to my home or office, I’d keep going, but having a long T ride there stressed me out when there were train delays.)


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