Equinox Run Club & Run Stronger Seminar

Last night, I went for a run with Equinox Franklin Street Run Club followed by a Run Stronger Seminar lead by trainer David Cheal.

The run club was fun, but my legs were not happy with me, so I walked most of the 3 mile route. It was a pretty route though, by the aquarium, into the north end, and back.

I joked with Kristen, a leader of the run club, that I had “new year’s resolution syndrome” in the wrong month & my body was mad at me for working out every day that week, when I normally take rest days. Oops. Readers, remind me of this when I have the urge to over-schedule myself again! It’s tough when summer hits and there are so many free outdoor fitness opportunities to be a part of.

Luckily, I was not left behind and still got 3 miles in.

The post run Run Stronger Seminar lead by trainer David Cheal was great. He’s an advocate of training schedules that include rest days from runs & separating the days you run & days you strength train.

He quoted Scott Murr, co-founder of Furman Running Program, “Run less run faster”.

He also showed us how to look for common running injuries developing and what exercises to do to try to fix the problem before it stops you from running.

Thanks Equinox for a wonderful night!

And for those of you in the Boston area looking for a run club to join, Equinox Franklin Street’s run club runs every Thursday at 6:15 PM (warm ups at 6) and you don’t have to be a member to join them. They have many different paces and run 5.5 mile, 4.4 mile, 3.8 mile, and 2.3 mile routes. The routes change every week, and the maps are shared before the run.

One thought on “Equinox Run Club & Run Stronger Seminar

  1. When I still worked downtown I used to go to a run club after work sponsored by the running store down there. I really enjoyed it! Now I work too far away to make it on week nights. Sounds like a nice outting you had!

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