Healthy Chicks – Summer Body Confidence Program


I’m very excited that this evening is the start of the Healthy Chicks – Summer Body Confidence Program.

They’ll be a conference call with Rachel tonight to discuss the overall program plan and our personal intentions for the summer.

I need to think about mine, but right now I’m leaning towards being mindful of my schedule to include events that recharge me.

I’m constantly over-scheduling myself – even sometimes with free summer workouts – and that leads to never feeling truly relaxed or giving my body much time to recover. It also leads to unintentional eating, when I grab dinner post event and I’m overly hungry. (And the unintentional eating leads to weight gain & my wedding rings not fitting on my ring finger without hurting me. I don’t care what the number on the scale says, but I’d like to have my rings fit me better by the end of the summer.)

I need to remind myself that no one can “do everything” and that’s OK!

If you’re interested in joining the program, check out the link above for details and a paypal link.

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