Race Cancer 5k – 6/18

I had a great time last night at the Race Cancer Foundation 5K June Summer Series race.

The route was around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir and it was lovely!

I’m looking forward to the future Summer Series races there. (I got a seasons pass for all the races in the series and you should too!) Our next race is July 9th. Register at http://racecancer.org/#summer

Before the race, I read a great article from Runners World: Dead Freakin’ Last…And Proud of It!

Since I’m still a run/walker – I’ve been last at races before and the article really resonated with me.

So, last night I started to walk to my car (twice) and saw runners that were struggling to finish the race.

I thought of the “Race Angels” mentioned in the Runners World article and asked the ladies if they’d like company to run the last quarter of a mile with. They both happily accepted.

The woman that was actually last (both women thought they were the last participant coming in) was walking with tears streaming down her face when I found her. I made sure that it was just emotions and not needing medical attention – then I ran ahead to the finish to ask them not to close since one more participant was on her way in. It was about 54 minutes after the race start, so volunteers were beginning to take banners down.

Then I ran back to her and ran with her towards the finish. Once she finished – she was beaming! It was her best 5K time ever! Way to go setting a PR!!!!

I had a great time sweeping the race and may see if this is a task I can officially take on in the future. (Following the last runner & letting the race organizers know when we’re close to finish.)

And before you think I’m a total crazy person (I am on some things, but not this), I’m on the board of the Race Cancer Foundation and the Summer Series 5ks are our races. That made me feel a little more responsibility to make sure the back of the pack participants have a great race experience too.

5 thoughts on “Race Cancer 5k – 6/18

  1. You’re awesome for doing that! What a kind gesture that I’m sure those women appreciated! You’ve inspired me to do this at my next 5k!

    • So glad to hear that you’re going to look for struggling back of the pack runners at your next 5K to support!

      I’m glad Runners World wrote the blog post – making me realize that being a “race angel” was a think I could do.

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