November Project – 6/24


The last Wednesday of every month is “race day” at November Project Boston.

We also have our own DJ blasting tunes & people race to set PRs (personal records).

I’m still working my way to a “full tour” of 37 sections – but I got in 18 sections, which is 3 sections better than last week. I’ll take that improvement, however small, thank you. 🙂

Last Wednesday of the month workouts are some of my favorites because I have the music playing to sing along with and racing friends to motivate me to keep pushing.

I stupidly walked to the wrong section when it was group picture time today & realized my mistake too late to turn around. Oops.

I’m sad that I missed the awesome Jon Snow impersonating Oscar winning the positivity award. Well deserved!

This photo from an NP workout in November is what I’m referring to with the Game of Thrones reference

A friend took picture with me before the start of the 6:30 AM stair climbing group.


(It was actually kinda funny. A friend asked me to join a group picture and I did, but said through my laughter “I’m short. It’s not easy for me to photobomb!”)

Here’s one of me starting the climb this morning.


I’m in the pink with the November Project bandana

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