NorthEast Comic Con

As some of you may know, my husband is also a blogger.

One of his blogs, Staying Square in MA, he subtitles “The Official ‘Getting Fit in Massachusetts’ Companion Reader“.

In the about section he says, “Sure, we’ve traveled all across the Bay state in pursuit of exciting athletic adventures, but that’s only half of the story! For every 5K, spin class, and stair climb; there’s a comic shop, video game store, and convention waiting in the wings.

We attended both days of NorthEast Comic Con, and you know what? I had a great time! It was a wicked fun con and I highly recommend it!

It took place at Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, MA.

NECC1Dave & I attended with Press passes which was pretty darn cool!

Thank you to the awesome PR person, Julie Dennehy, for hooking us up!

NorthEast Comic Con was very impressive with their array of topics. Yes, there were vendors with long boxes full of comics, but there were also video game vendors, Cosplay contests, music acts, and even circus performers!

I was also pleasantly surprised at how family friendly the con was. I smiled every time I saw children & parents dressed in costumes.


On Saturday, we browsed the show floor, cheered a performance of the Video Game Music Choir, and headed upstairs for the 50 Years of Horror on TV Panel.

The 50 Years of Horror on TV panel guests were Nicholas Brendon – “Xander” of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, Naomi Grossman – “Pepper” of “American Horror Story”, and Butch Patrick – “Eddie Munster” of “The Munsters”.

The panel was very interesting, and I liked the chairs that the panel guests sat on.


After the panel, we headed back to the show floor, where I nerded out at spotting the Obscura booth. (Their shop was featured on the TV series, Oddities.)


Then we headed to the Kreature Kantina  lounge to play some trivia with Morgan White Jr. and listen to The World is Square (a group that plays music from Square Enix video games) perform.

Morgan White Jr. is a great trivia host, and we’ve played at trivia nights he’s hosted before. No one else even tries what he does – it’s stream of conscious, audience suggestion based trivia – rather than something like a Stump trivia game that has questions pre-written and teams writing down answers.  My one critique would be that he did not stick to the topics in the NorthEast Comic Con schedule for his trivia. I’d definitely suggest the organizers have him back at future events, but don’t put a topic for the trivia in the program – just that he’s there hosting trivia.

For example, we stopped by for Marvel trivia but suddenly I was winning a prize for knowing which Beatles song was about a serial killer. (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, not Helter Skelter as most of the players guessed.) While I didn’t mind winning a prize, I was hoping for trivia about the topic listed in the program.

NECC6Picking up my prize – the bag definitely came in handy

Next, we headed to the Marvel Comics 75th Anniversary Panel. It was interesting, even for people who aren’t comic fans.


We ended the day browsing the show floor again.


We were back by 10 AM on Sunday for another fun filled day!

NECC9 NECC10NECC11Performance from Simply Circus

We went to the 25th Anniversary of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Panel. The panelist was  Gary K. Wolf (the creator of Roger Rabbit). The voice of Roger Rabbit, Charles Fleischer, stopped by too, and cracked us up with both high & low brow jokes.

NECC12Voice of Roger Rabbit, and a cosplayer in the audience

After the panel, we browsed the show floor again – and bought some presents for Christmas gifts (and some for ourselves).

NECC13NECC14I met this adorable puppy Angel at one of the booths!

I plan to be back in June, when the same organizers of NorthEast Comic Con host a Pop Culture Expo.

Want to see Dave’s take on NorthEast Comic Con? Check out his blog post: Recap – 2014 NorthEast Comic Con

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