Back at November Project Boston


Boy did my return to November Project Boston this morning to climb the Harvard Stadium stairs feel good!
Vacations are great, but I missed my NP friends!

Usually, when I return from skipping weeks of stair climbing, my body is a little mad at me and I don’t get far.

My goal for today was I would climb without stopping until Emily announced that time was up. I often let me body psych itself out and stop climbing before time is called.

To my pleasant surprise, I was able to get in 15 sections climbed. (Not a PR but darn close and I’m still proud of myself for overcoming the urge to quit.)

I also gave my water bottle away to some newbies that were climbing nearby and feeling their 1st workout.

I’ve mentioned before that November Project is family friendly (minus the one swear we shout when we warm up).

Look who was climbing near me today!




The little boy climbed too! Not just on Dad’s back the whole time.

And because I just like taking & sharing photos – here’s one of Emily – one of 3 co-leaders of November Project Boston.


Emily rocks!

Edit – the 6:30 AM group photo is ready!


Can you find me? I wore a white shirt today & my posture is very straight

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