Hot Ride at B/Spoke Studios


B/Spoke is a new cycling studio in the downtown crossing/south station area of Boston.

I was invited by the owner to take a free “Hot Ride” class lead by Aly Raymer.

It was my 1st time taking a class at B/Spoke so they asked me to come to the class a little early so I could tour the studio.

I was impressed by the studio. They provide free bottled water to all participants. Shoe rentals are included in the cost of a spin class. There are changing rooms and bathrooms (and the changing rooms were pretty spacious compared to other spin studios I’ve taken classes at in the Boston area).

Their lockers have a combination system so you don’t need to bring a lock with you.

So, on to the class!

There is no false advertising! It is HOT! You’ll be sweating for the whole class.

Aly was very motivating. She mixed up instructing from a bike at the front and jumping off to walk through the class, sometimes dancing on the way.

She knew I was new to her class so she checked in with me after class to see how I was feeling.

I forgot how bad my glasses can slip off my face when I’m sweating buckets, but other than that the class was great.

Aly pushed everyone to get to a level that was tough for them.

I enjoyed the class but I think I still prefer traditional spin classes to a hot class.

I was hilarious on my subway ride home though. Downed about 40 oz. of water from my water bottle in 2 minutes.

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