Quincy Flag Day Parade – Honoring Rosie the Riveter

Saturday was an extremely special Flag Day parade in Quincy, MA for my family.

My Grandmother-in-law was honored as Grand Marshal and thanked for being a “Rosie” during WWII.

The parade route goes right under my condo balcony, so of course I threw a party to host all the family that wanted to attend.

Here’s the balcony view!



Here’s a close up from family that went to the street level to cheer:


My Grandmother-in-law, her sister Mary – both worked during WWII & my mother-in-law

With the 70th anniversary of WWII, there have been a few awards ceremonies that my Grandmother-in-law has been a part of this year.

The Netherlands Embassy invited her to Washington DC for an amazing thank you ceremony!

Check out this awesome tweet from the Netherlands Embassy post event!

She was also recently surprised with an award at the Quincy city council meeting:¬†South Shore ‘Rosies’ honored by Quincy city council

We’re very proud!