Trying New Activity Is Important – But Not Every Fitness Class Is a Perfect Fit for You

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Saturday morning I went to a spinning class in Boston. On paper, it looked like I’d love it and have a great time working out. I’d heard wonderful things about this studio & the staff that lead classes. 

When I got there, the staff was friendly, and they helped me adjust my bike and clip into the pedals. The instructor was friendly, and made sure I knew what she meant by hand positions before the class began, since she knew it was my 1st spin class.

Shortly into the class, I realized that spinning is probably something I shouldn’t try again before I lose some more weight.

I believe whoever designed bike seats is a sadist, and they definitely aren’t designed for women who weight over 160 pounds (like I do).

As I tried to keep up, the seat really hurt me. There was no clock in the room to tell me how long I’d been there, or how long was left for the class. (Why didn’t I wear a watch?!) I was clipped into the bike petals, but I still thought about what would happen if I tried to run away. (I figured I’d probably knock the bike over on myself or someone else, so that wasn’t an option.) The cool lighting and club music for the work out weren’t helping me now.

Then I looked around the class and realized how I differed from the other (skinny) participants, and came to the conclusion that my weight was definitely causing the uncomfortable pressure on the seat.

Today, my posterior still hurts whenever I sit down. (I’m hoping that feeling will go away before my next 5K on January 5th.) I’m OK when I have sore legs from a good workout, but this was not what I was expecting.

Friends who enjoy spin class – is there something I was missing? Should I have been wearing padded cycling pants?
I had the staff lower my seat since I’m short, so I don’t think seat height was the issue, but who knows. 

I came home from the class laughing and told my husband “well, it should make a funny blog post.” I’m still planning to try out other fitness classes. Just because spinning wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean that every fitness class isn’t for me.

6 thoughts on “Trying New Activity Is Important – But Not Every Fitness Class Is a Perfect Fit for You

  1. Spin is really tough, Danielle. Props to you for going for it. As a certified spin instructor, I can only hope you will try it again in the future. The seats are, indeed, one of the most uncomfortable pieces of workout equipment you may experience. It takes a few weeks of couple a few times a week for your..ahem… BOOTY… to adjust to the seat. I think it took about 2-3 weeks for me to begin feeling GOOD when leaving spin.
    You are welcome to join me at my gym at work in Watertown on a weekend and I will do a personalized class for you.

    also, there are seat covered you can get, as well, that add more cushioning to the standard spin bike. If spinning were something you were interested in continuing, I would recommend it! 🙂

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