Autism Speaks Spin Class


Remember that time in December when I took a spin class and had such a bad time I thought I’d never spin again?

What on earth would make me not only return to the same studio, but for a 90 minute class this time? A friend hosting the class as a fundraiser for Autism Speaks.

This time, I wore padded cycling pants (thanks for the suggestion Laurie) and sat in a bike in the back – prepared to pace myself. The 90 minutes actually seemed to pass pretty quickly and I’m not even that sore today.

The instructor was great and she nearly made me cry when she asked us to think about the reason we came to class that day.
Dave & I have 2 amazing and adorable god kids – Hayden and Peyton. (Picture below) Hayden was recently diagnosed with Autism.


When the song “Hey Brother” played during class the lyrics “Oh, if the sky comes falling down for you, There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do.” really resonated with me. I have no doubt Hayden’s going to do great with his Autism diagnosis and still thrive in school. But if anyone gives him any trouble, they should know they have a very upset 5’4″ Masshole with strong calf muscles to deal with. (And my godkids do not live in the same state as me, so I’d fly across the country to defend them.)

Thank you to Meg for hosting the class. It gave me some small thing I could do to support Hayden and Autism awareness.
Congrats on packing the studio with supporters and raising over $3,500 for Autism Speaks.

Here’s a photo of the group post class:



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