Looking So Fly(wheel) – Yelp Boston night at spin class

Some of you may remember how much I hated the 1st spin class I attended. After writing my post about the experience, many friends who are spin fans urged me to try again.

When  Yelp Boston offered a free spin class, I knew this was the perfect time to try spin again.


Boy am I glad I did!

Flywheel sports is a great cycling studio! They have gel cushion bike seats available (at no extra charge) so I took one for my bike. It made the pain issues I had with my 1st cycling experience non-existent.

The bikes are arranged in a stadium configuration so seeing the instructor is no problem. Also, you pick the bike you want to ride at check in, so there’s no jostling with other class attendees to get to bikes when the doors open.

Originally, the class was supposed to be Tuesday night, but a snow storm caused a re-schedule for Thursday. The only problem with the re-schedule for me was, now the class was the night after I attended Beantown Bootcamp. I’d been limping around my office with sore legs from BB, but I wasn’t going to miss the Flywheel class with my Yelp Boston friends.

I don’t recommend taking a spin class when your legs are already so sore going in, but I listened to my body and didn’t push myself with as much resistance on the bike or movement off the seat as I would have if my legs felt fine.

The spin equipment at Flywheel was actually comfortable! I wasn’t scared being clipped into my bike this time. I liked the electronic board on your bike that showed the resistance level, your Revolutions Per Minute, and how much current you’ve generated.

The instructor for our class, Melinda Sarkis, was very motivating! She kept the class fun, and the throwback music pumping (Toto & MC Hammer played!).

I’m glad I attended. It was enjoyable to spin while knowing so many people in the room from other Yelp Boston events. (I made sure to give thumbs up to 2 friends who were spin newbies before the class started.)

I may actually return to try Flywheel again!

Thank you to Yelp Boston for planning the event (and for the sweet water bottle), Flywheel for hosting, and Fruitata for giving us delicious smoothies following the class.

Here’s a picture of (part of) the group after the class:

Flywheel Group

I’m on the front left, showing off my Yelp sweatband.

2 thoughts on “Looking So Fly(wheel) – Yelp Boston night at spin class

    • Showing your stats on the screen is totally opt in, so don’t let that stop you from trying FlyWheel. There’s no pressure to share if you don’t want to. You should totally take a class!

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