Jingle Bell Run

My Grandfather (on my Dad’s side) passed away last week at 95 1/2 years old. It’s been a really tough week for me.

The rescheduled Jingle Bell Run was the same day as his wake, and I didn’t know if I’d be able to run. My husband reminded me that my Grandpa would have wanted me to run the race, and would be proud of me, so I ran. (Then my husband quickly drove home so I could shower & change into wake appropriate attire, and then he drove us to the wake.)

Since I was running in memory of my Grandpa, I increased my normal pace a bit, and set a new personal record for myself – Pace 14:17 Net time 44:22. (I’m still not a runner yet, but I’ll take time improvement over the Turkey Trot 5K.)

Here’s a picture of me at the starting line before the race. (Don’t worry, I didn’t stay at the 7 minute mile sign and seeded myself appropriately at the back of the race.)

2013-12-22 10.39.11


It was a good race for me, but as I crossed the finish line, I broke down in sobs as I thought “Grandpa would be proud”.


3 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Run

  1. 44:22!!! That is great!!!!!!!! Good Job!! Not only would your grandpa be proud, but you should be, as well! This is am amazing accomplishment, and I know you will see the minutes drop of your time over the months! GO GIRL!! ❤

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