Soul Pose – A Yoga Party


Have you heard of Soul Pose, the awesome yoga party coming to the Boston area (Waltham) on September 19th?

Here’s how Soul Pose describes there event:

Soul Pose brings the party to your mat. Fresh music, colorful confetti, happy bubbles, and thousands of your new yogi friends posing together – this is Freaking. Awesome. Yoga. This is Soul Pose.

If you’ve never set foot on a yoga mat, Soul Pose is the perfect place to give yoga a try. The great thing about Soul Pose is that anyone can do it! There are only a few rules at Soul Pose:

1. Bring your party: Get ready to bust a move and love your body with thousands of new Soul Pose friends.

2. Wear white on top: You’ll look fabulous. Promise.

3. Have fun: Give high fives, take selfies, and sing along when your favorite tune comes on.

You can do Soul Pose solo, or you can get your posse together and sign up as a group.

Come join us, you know you want to. If you have more questions on the event, check out the FAQs.

I’m going to be there for the sunlight session beginning at 11:30 AM. There’s also an evening black light session that begins at 7 PM. (I may join that too if the morning doesn’t tire me out too much.)

Will I see you there?

I’m looking forward to a wicked fun yoga class! I’m thinking of it as color run style meeting yoga, instead of running. 🙂

Rooftop Yoga Boot Camp


Meg rocks

Tuesday night I took a Rooftop Yoga Boot Camp class with Meg Rozanski as the instructor.

Meg is the woman that organized the Autism Speaks fundraising spin classes I’ve attended in the past.

2015 Autism Speaks Spin Class

2014 Autism Speaks Spin Class


I’m new to yoga so I needed my mat to have a cheat sheet

The water bottle is from the 2015 Autism Speaks Spin Class

I’ve heard from others that Meg’s also a wonderful yoga instructor so I was excited to finally find a class that fit into my schedule. (They were right! You should take a class with Meg too and find out for yourself.)

The class was great, and even though I’m a yoga novice, I felt comfortable with most moves and modified others.

I highly recommend Meg’s rooftop yoga boot camp. She’s got a special in July of $40 for a 4 week series. (I paid $12 for the class last night.)

Check out the amazing views from the rooftop we were on in the Back Bay area of Boston!





Yes, that is a rainbow flag flying on a different rooftop –

Boston is happy that the rest of the USA caught up to us regarding marriage equality

I’m glad I took the class with Meg – both to try something out of my comfort zone, and attend another class taught by her.

Barre & Soul Opening in Cambridge July 13th

Barre & Soul® is opening Cambridge’s first-ever barre studio on July 13th. It will be in Harvard Square in the Garage building.

The studio will host both barre and vinyasa yoga classes.

I’ve been asked to be a part of their blogger program, which includes some free classes, so you’ll be seeing lots of posts about their classes soon.

I’m posting this prior to their opening, because they’re running a special for the first 100 to become members:

Owner Andrea Isabelle Lucas “doesn’t want it to be your typical barre studio.” She wants it “to be a community gathering spot in addition to a place you go to get fit.”

Andrea 5

Owner Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Chaturanga Dude

Wednesday night I joined Sweetgreen at Healthworks Back Bay for a free evening vinyasa flow yoga class.

I spoke with my Dad on the drive over and when I told him I was heading to yoga he laughed and said “After climbing stairs this morning?! You’re a glutton for punishment!” It made me laugh but I disagreed with him.

I’m still new to yoga classes, so I didn’t know most of the moves. (I never did figure out what the Chaturanga pose was.) But, I found the class relaxing and the instructor was great!

Thank you to Rachel for putting the Boston Sweetgreen passport program together. It’s a great way for me to change up my work out routine and get out of my comfort zone a bit.

Sweetgreen Passport – Nutrition + Yoga workshop

It’s hard to believe it’s October in MA and I was able to take an outdoor yoga class on Tuesday night – wearing short sleeves & capri pants! There is a unseasonable warm snap happening this week which is awesome – and I’m making the most of it!

yoga 10.14.14I’m on the left in the pink shirt

Julie Starr-Wood from JSW Nutrition lead us both in the yoga class and nutrition discussion post work out.

Both the workout & nutrition discussion felt really needed to me and the timing of this on the same week I’ve starting using Fitbit to track my food & activity was perfect. I joked with Julie that I’m a “recovering Weight Watchers member”. She mentioned limiting fruit as part of a healthy diet (due to the high sugar content) and that runs very counter to WW’s “free fresh fruit” mentality. Julie’s approach to nutrition and exercise seemed very reasonable to me. She’s anti the food fads of “Superfoods” and “Juice Cleanses”. She stressed trying to eat local food as much as possible and that eating “organic” doesn’t mean much so it’s not worth putting local farms out of business that can’t afford to get an “organic” seal for their product.

yoga 10.14.14_groupHere’s the whole group post dinner & nutrition discussion