Photo Blogging Challenge – Fun

The theme for the June Photo Blogging Challenge was “Fun”.

My 6 month old daughter, Elise, and I keep busy, so we had a lot of options for photos to share!


Looking at board book pictures in the Thomas Crane Public Library Children’s Room


Red Sox fan T Rex at the Museum of Science – first trip there for Elise


Goofing around with Mom is always fun!


First baseball game for Elise – Chatham Anglers Cape Cod League


Looking at seals with Grandpa


Elise adores her Dada

Too many fun times to only pick 5 photos this month!

Hope you enjoyed traveling through our photos.


This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

One thought on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Fun

  1. So fun to look through the photos of your sweet daughter, Elise. Brings back many fond memories of when our now young adult sons were babies. They change so fast! 🙂

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