Photo Blogging Challenge – “Your City” Quincy


The theme for the September photo blogging challenge was “Your City”.

I’m a proud resident of Quincy, Massachusetts (pronounced KWIN-zee).

Quincy is the 8th largest city in the state. It’s known as the “City of Presidents,” since it is the birthplace of two U.S. presidents — John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams — as well as John Hancock, a President of the Continental Congress and the first signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Ok – enough talk about the historical significance of my city – on to the photos!


Quincy has a vibrant public art scene


There is a lot of construction in Quincy Center (the part I live in) right now.

This spot is being turned from a street to a pedestrian walk way.

The church on the top left contains John Adams and John Quincy Adams tombs. I actually recommend a tour. Not as creepy as you’d think!


As part of the construction – the city put in these traffic lights – but they don’t make sense!

The shot above is what cars see when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk. But most times, cars still barrel through and I’m taking my life in my hands when I step into the street.

The city is working on a public awareness campaign to explain the signals – but I wish they’d just installed normal signals everyone is used to!



Here’s a side view of one of my favorite places – the Thomas Crane Library


Our city seal is on the side of trash barrels in the city.

I agree that Quincy is beautiful!

Thanks for taking a tour of the center of Quincy, MA (my backyard). I love it here!

Quincy also has a beach, marina, and 4 different subway stops on the Red Line of the MBTA.

Here’s a bonus photo for you:

Quincy MA Church of Presidents 9-5-16.JPG

Me and my in-laws celebrating “Ring a bell for Rosies” on Labor Day

My husband’s grandmother (wearing the red around her neck and in her hair) is President of the MA chapter of the American Rosie the Riveter Association.

Photo above from left to right: My brother-in-law Doug, Aunt-in-law Ellie, Sister-in-law Jen, Uncle-in-law Michael, Mother-in-law Martha, Uncle-in-law Matt, Aunt-in-law Maria, Nana (Bertha Glavin), me, and my husband

My father-in-law Marcis was taking the photo and recording the day. The church I mentioned in the 1st photo is the one we’re in front of. They kindly rang their church bell for us, in celebration.

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!


15 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – “Your City” Quincy

  1. I especially love that you put the construction picture in there. That is a great shot.

    I live in Virginia and I tell you what… people would have NO idea what to do with those signals, even if they were taught. They are pretty cool!

  2. You can talk about historical significance all day and I would’t tire of it! Great representation of your corner of the world. We have stop lights like yours on campus. They are a bit confusing…to students as well as drivers. Wonderful shot of the family!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Quincy. Looks like it would be a nice spot, though. I do like New England towns. Usually some great history, as well as some picturesque spots!

    • Quincy is just a few miles south of Boston. The stop for our national park (the Adams birthplace & Peacefield) is Quincy Center on the Braintree branch of the red line. Come visit next time you’re in MA! 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the intro to Quincy. I like to walk a lot, and I hope they never bring that kind of traffic light to Calgary because aside from not making sense, I think they look like mechanized Dementors (from Harry Potter). That Rosie the Riveter photo is a keeper for the family album for sure. And I wanted to say that in my part of the world, a Quinzee (spelled differently but also pronounced KWIN-zee) is a hut you make of out snow in case you need a backcountry shelter in the winter time.

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