Photo Blogging Challenge – Black and White


The theme for the August photo blogging challenge was “Black and White”.

I just let myself take photos for the month to see what would happen (my usual approach) and unintentionally, all the photos for this month are also art.

The first photo is in color, but I think it still fits the theme.


Live dancers in the Peabody Essex Museum Rodin exhibit

I was literally in awe of the dancers! Such a great idea to ask them to preform as part of the Rodin sculpture exhibit. A pleasant surprise to stumble upon!


Jef Aerosol spray paint art at Northeastern University

I had a temp work assignment at Northeastern University for the last 2 months of August. I didn’t realize how much art is on the campus.

Cy Young

Cy Young

Before Fenway Park was built, the original ballpark was where Northeastern University is today. This statue of Cy Young marks the site of the pitchers mound.


I don’t know much about this woman and child sculpture, but it’s in the lobby of a building at Northeastern University that I walked through on my way to an event.


Fox by Meena Chompunut Ditchaiwong

Finally, art from the Thomas Crane Library in Quincy, MA makes an appearance. It’s been a few months since the library has been the location for one of my challenge photos, but it’s a frequent muse.

This is the first challenge I’ve edited photos to fit the theme. I used the Moon filter on Instagram on the 2 NU statues.

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!


8 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Black and White

  1. I love all of your images especially the dancers and your take on the theme for shots 1 & 2. I also think the B&W looks good for sculpture shots. It emphasisers the expressions of the statues and I feel connected to them.

  2. It’s obvious your “usual approach” is working just fine! These are wonderful captures for this month’s theme. I love the last piece of artwork and completely agree the library is an effective muse.

  3. I’m finally catching up on visiting from the past couple of months! Whew! Good series of photos for the theme. That first one works well. I like the Cy Young statue!

  4. You kept a sharp eye out to minimize the need to edit after the fact. Editing is allowed, you know! 😉 Thanks for continuing to include glimpses of your library each month. I look forward to it.

    • Thanks.

      I think I just have a mental block about editing my photos, because I don’t think of myself as an artist.

      My mother-in-law, Mom, and Sister-in-law are all artists – so I tend to think that’s their domain, not mine.

      You’re right that I need to re-think my mindset though!

      The art on display in the library this month fits the water theme, so it will likely make an appearance for October too.

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