Photo Blogging Challenge – Photographer’s Choice


The theme for the July photo blogging challenge was “Photographer’s Choice”.

I decided, I’d just take pictures all through the month and see what I came up with.

In early July, I traveled to Orlando, Florida with my in-laws. They went to Walt Disney World Parks for 5 days, but my husband & I only got a 2 day park pass. We had fun exploring Disney Springs, and taking the free shuttle boats & buses to the Disney Resorts.

Lego Dragon

Here’s a Lego dragon in the lagoon at Disney Springs


This totem in one of the Disney Wilderness Hotels made me smile

With a “tourist” theme in my head, I decided the rest of my photos this month would be from travel within my state of MA.

The Revere Beach International Sand Sculpture Festival was last week, and I stopped by on Friday, when the artists were still finishing up.

Sculpture 1

I like this one because when I showed my Great Uncle the photo, he thought a kid had jumped on the sculpture. It took a second look for him to realize the child was sand too.

Sculpture 2

I like the work in progress view of this owl. I still am in awe at how the artists can make holes in their sculptures, like the eyes of this owl, and still have the sand keep the shape they want.

Finally, this Friday, I joined Unsplash for a Photowalk in Charlestown, MA.

Charlestown Ferry

I took this shot of Boston Harbor and skyline, from the ferry we took over to Charlestown

Hope you enjoyed my photos!

I worried that I’d have trouble this month without having to stick to a rigid theme, but I think I did OK.

This monthly photo blogging challenge is facilitated by PJ of the Northeast Bloggers Network.

Thanks for inspiring me to take more photos!


18 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Photographer’s Choice

  1. I think you did a stellar job with the theme for July! A perfect topic for mid-summer fun. We’ve been to see the Lego sea monster. it’s amazing. I enjoyed all your photos this month…as usual. 🙂

    • Ha! I hear you.

      I love the Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival and visit every year. (I have family that own a condo on Revere Beach, so this year I visited the castles, then walked to their condo and showed them pictures I took. The relatives were happy, because it was too hot for them to go see the event themselves.)

  2. The Lego dragon reminds me of the one they have in the Lego store in NYC. Love it! That totem pole made me smile too. I love sandcastles and these take that to the next level. I love the owl one.

  3. I like your take on the theme for July. Especially the sand sculptures, they’re so unique and your photo of Boston Harbour gives the edifice a feeling of greatness. I found your tourist images really intriguing as I’ve never been to the USA. Great shots.

  4. Any post with Lego gets two thumbs up from me! I was really interested to read about the photowalk you went on. I’ve only done one photowalk but would like to do some more. It was fun!

    • Does Unsplash have a community near you? That’s who organized our photo walk. Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to write a post just on thathe to share some of my other pictures from the night.

  5. I always figure that is the best way to go with the open challenges — just snap photos all month and see what happens, right?

    Nice shots. Those shots of the sand statue things are cool… I can’t imagine how much work goes into those!

    • The sand sculpture artists are amazing! Just a few days of work and the creations are stunning. I’m spoiled by having family living in a condo on Revere Beach, so I’ve been to every year of the Sand Sculpting Festival.

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