Walking in Boston – Rose Kennedy Greenway in May

Tuesday, May 10th was a beautiful sunny, warm day in Boston. (A welcomed change from the weeks of rain we’ve been having out here.)

I realized I had 2 networking events in the same building a few hours apart from each other – so I decided I’d spend time walking and enjoying the weather!

The day started out with a Women in Development (Fundraising) of Greater Boston meeting in the Nonprofit Center, near South Station.


After that meeting, I headed to the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

First, I sat on a chair on one of the lawns reading a book.

When I finished the book, I continued walking.


This is one of my favorite pieces of public art on the Greenway.

It’s motion sensitive and releases steam/changes the light pattern when you walk close to it.


Kids were having a blast running through this fountain on the warm day. 


The zodiac sculpture surrounding the fountain is new this year, and the animal faces are beautiful.

Next, I headed to the New England Aquarium, to watch the seals in their outdoor tank. (It’s is free to view.)


I laughed when I saw that I caught this unintentional selfie when I tried to get a photo of the seals.

The gray the right side is the seal I was trying to take a photo of.

There’s also a seal near my head on the left side of the photo.

I walked to the carousel on the Greenway, and thought about riding it – but I decided instead to come back on a day I wasn’t wearing a dress to ride it.

Then, I walked to Faneuil Hall and took a selfie with the fruit tree (below) to save on my phone for future free admission to the Museum of Fine Arts.


By then, it was time to head back to the Nonprofit Center for a Communications Network Boston meeting on “Lessons Learned from the Olympic Bid”. That event was so interesting, that I plan to write a separate post just on that.


Representatives both for and against bringing the Olympic Games to Boston

I ended the day taking the T back to Quincy to attend a Friends of the Thomas Crane Library meeting.

I should have worn sunscreen because I got sunburned. (Note to self, buy a small bottle of sunscreen to keep in your purse to keep from getting caught without it again.)

I had a great day though, feeling like a tourist in my own city – between some very interesting events.

I’m glad the weather cooperated to allow such an enjoyable walk.


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