Free Comic Book Day 2016

Free comic

May 7th was Free Comic Book Day this year.

My husband Dave & I had a blast.

We went to 5 comic shops – starting in Quincy Center, than going to Davis Square, Harvard Square, and Brockton. The shops were: New England Comics Quincy, Comicazi, New England Comics Davis Square, Million Year Picnic, and New England Comics in Brockton.

Every shop had different fun stuff going on: from cosplayers to artists/creators signing their work.

I easily got in my 10,000 steps that day and had fun chatting with some indie comic creators.

The creator of Rapid City Below Zero was holding a contest to win tickets to see Captain America Civil War with him that night.

I tweeted the required photo to enter (bottom left above) and guess who won?!

My husband Dave & I got to see Captain America with Josh Dahl, and as an added surprise, Bob Salley, Writer and Creator of The Salvagers comic book series and the web comic Jasper’s Starlight Tavern was there too! Bob gave us signed copies of his comics.

The last shop we visited made Dave’s night! He asked Mark Texeira sign a Swamp Thing book and Mark totally jumped down memory lane saying “this is the book that I dropped out of college to work on!”

I’m looking forward to Northeast Comic Con in June – so I can continue to get lots of steps in while nerding out about comics.


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