Lady Project Summit 2016


On Saturday, I spent my day volunteering at The Lady Project Summit.

I’m a BOS Lady Project member, so I was excited to see what the Summit was like.

I started the day as a volunteer at registration and then was the room host volunteer in the Lower Lobby for the sessions there.

Lady Project Summit

It was an extremely inspiring day!

Definitely worth the hour drive from my home to Providence, RI to attend.

Emily Belden spoke about her journey to get her book published and how talking to people with no expectation helped her get where she is today. Along the way, she ended up on the Today Show talking about her “penny floor“.

Natali Wachtman Perilo spoke about effective leadership practices – and shared some cringe worthy personal experiences of times that leadership was ineffective.

Tiffany Yu spoke about disability, diversity, and identity. I was moved way more than I expected to be by this workshop.

Easy Entertaining hosted a healthy cooking demo – with delicious samples post demo. There were fish cakes, kale salad, and cauliflower “fried rice”.

Kelly Jensen spoke on taking risks, which I found very appropriate to me since I’m job searching post lay off, and in light of the theme of the photo blogging challenge I participated in last month.

The feeling the whole day was electric! I got to reconnect with a friend from college that is also a BOS Lady Project member, and make lots of new connections that I hope turn into friends.

It was a great beginning to my month of attending conferences. This Saturday I’m attending a nonprofit governance conference. The following week, I’m both leading a session and attending the Nonprofit Technology Conference.


35 thoughts on “Lady Project Summit 2016

    • Thanks Cara!

      I’m happy that I got to attend sessions as a room host.

      Next year, I’m hoping to attend instead of volunteer, so I can choose which sessions I attend, but these worked out great this year!

    • I’m on the reunion planning committee for my 10 year college reunion committee.

      A lot of the other volunteers were current college students, so I got asked all day if I was a student too. I guess I should be happy I still look young. 🙂

  1. I love events like this for personal reasons and as an online influencer. I’ve only gone to blogging and fitness related but I would love to go to a women’s conference.

  2. This sounds like such a fabulous inspiring event. All of the speakers sound great, also very moving I can imagine. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  3. I love attending conferences as they are always a great resource to network. I plan on trying to get to a couple next year if I can.

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