Yoga, Beats & Boot Camp Community Class with Meghan


On Sunday night, I took an awesome Move With “Yoga, Beats & Boot Camp” class taught by Meghan.

Meghan & I go way back. We worked together back in 2007 & 2008 when we were employed by the same high tech public relations firm. I’m glad we’ve stayed in touch as she’s gone on to fitness for her career & I’ve branched out to nonprofit fundraising.

Meghan’s also the friend that hosts a spin class fundraiser for Autism Speaks every year. It’s a cause close to both of our hearts to I make sure to attend.

Anyway, last night’s class was fun. It was a mix of yoga with boot camp moves like burpees thrown in every now and then. I’m glad I was able to attend!


Here’s a view of my mat, with a water bottle from the last Autism speaks fundraiser Meg held

It was really inspiring that the class was held at the Boston Marathon runbase.


I’m looking forward to taking other awesome classes lead by Meg later this year.


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