Just Add Cooking

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A few weeks ago, my husband & I were asked to try out Just Add Cooking – in exchange for reviewing it on my blog.

Just Add Cooking delivers ingredients and recipes to your house, and you “add cooking” to make the meals.

Just Add Cooking is based in Boston and they source their ingredients locally, using local farmers, vendors, and purveyors. They use seasonal ingredients whenever possible. They deliver throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

Because Just Add Cooking sources locally, they pack and deliver via courier the same day. No FedEx means less packaging – everything but the freezer bag is biodegradable. This process also helps ensure freshness and lower food miles for the ingredients.

Just Add Cooking provides seven recipes to choose from each week. Typically there is a poultry, seafood, pork and beef option along with 3 vegetarian options. You make a selection by 12 pm on Wed and get delivery on Sunday or Monday depending on your area. Just Add Cooking also has designated gluten-free meals, which have been evaluated by a dietitian and are clearly labeled as such.

If you do not pick meals on a week you’re scheduled to receive a shipment, the meals will be picked for you. They do have an option to “skip” weeks though.

Full disclosure: I do not like cooking. I don’t think that any product or service will change that about me, but I’m working on expanding my skills beyond grilling frozen chicken on a George Foreman grill.

My husband made the meals we tried, and I helped with prep work.

We prepared 2 meals & we’re not quite sure why the one marked easy was a harder recipe for us than the one marked hard. (Chicken meal & pork chop meal.)

We froze the ingredients for the 3rd meal because we had a busy week with after work activities and couldn’t fit in cooking a 3rd meal.


Breaded pork chops and kidney beans are a success & delicious!

Thanks to Staying Square in MA, my husband David, for putting up with my lack of cooking skills.

I don’t think I have time to make Just Add Cooking, or any ingredient delivery service fit in my life, but I highly recommend them if you’re someone who likes to cook and has time to!

We kept the recipe for the breaded pork chops and kidney beans so we can make it again on our own.

Just Add Cooking is offering boxes starting at $39 for a 2-person, 3-meal box (normally $69) and $69 for a 4-person, 3-meal box (normally $109). This is for the first box for new customers and the price will be automatically applied to their first purchase if they visit www.justaddcooking.com and register by clicking “Get Cooking.”

Trial Pricing Image

Just Add Cooking is working with with the Greater Boston Food Bank this December. Just Add Cooking will be donating $1 per box delivered this week and next week to GBFB. Every dollar donated provides three meals for people in need right here in the Boston area, and this is part of Just Add Cooking’s commitment to the local food economy and community.
The donation is automatic, but it’s only good for orders placed before next week’s cut-off of Wed., Dec. 9 at noon.

Good luck & happy cooking!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve had an experience with meal delivery services.


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