Boston Festival of Indie Games 2015

On Saturday, my husband David & I had the opportunity to attend Boston FIG.

We’ve attended 3 of the 4 years the event has occurred, and we always have a great time.

We spent the day there, from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM.




I had 2 favorite games on the digital showcase floor:


A Matter of Murder

A Matter of Murder is a game where you have to investigate to solve a murder. (Think of the game Clue.) From their press release: “The details of each murder are procedurally generated, so “A Matter of Murder” is different every time you play with progressively more challenging logic puzzles.  The game can also randomly combine logic puzzles to provide seemingly endless surprises and high replayability.”


Emily is Away

This game begins in 2002. You play a high school senior chatting with your friend Emily on AIM (AOL instant messenger).

I graduated high school that year, and was addicted to AIM. I even used my AIM screen name from back in the day to demo the game.

It was an awesome dose of nostalgia and I look forward to playing more levels at home, using the demo CD.

Here’s how the creators describe their game:  “Create a screenname and browse buddy infos in this chat-bot meets adventure game. Explore your relationship with Emily, a fellow high school student, in a branching narrative where you create the story.”


Of course, it wouldn’t be Boston FIG for me if I didn’t stop at the WGBH booth for a photo.

That’s me and The Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George!


I had beginners luck and beat David in this game!

My favorite game on the tabletop floor was:


Robit Riddle

This was a great game that teaches story telling & is family friendly!

“Make believe you are a robot trying to find your missing pet robits.  Work together choosing your path through the story.  Have encounters, find friends and adventures along the way.”

David & I had a great time playing this game with the creators son & 2 other media attendees!

Then it was back to the digital floor for me, since I’d spotted a fitness activity I just had to try!



That’s me, on a stationary bike, with a VR headset showing me racing a horse in one game and a racecar in another.

The VR headset actually made me dizzy because I couldn’t wear my glasses with it, but it was still worth trying out.

I got in 8,164 steps that day, and that doesn’t include any movement from the cycling. (I should have moved my Fitbit to my foot to track that. Oops.)


Here I am proudly wearing the Boston FIG 2015 tee shirt, post event at Wollaston Beach in Quincy.

Here’s my recap on Boston FIG 2014:


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