November Project 9/16


It’s a firedrill!

The group photo from November Project Boston Wednesday morning makes me smile.

Can you find me? I’m actually close to the front for this one.

It was firedrill day, which means that every time our leader rang a cowbell, we needed to drop and do 5 push ups.

I got in 20 push ups.

For sections climbed today, I actually don’t know, but I think it was 13.

You see, it was laundry day for me today, so I wasn’t wearing a November Project tagged shirt this morning like I usually do. That, combined with my slow speed, must have made a member named Andrew think I’m a newbie. Or, Andrew is living this whole support the community thing. Either way, Andrew kept screaming my name and “You’ve got this” whenever he spied me stopping.

And don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the support! I just worried that I was getting it when a newbie may need it more.

And at that second, I spotted Bobby (a friend from my years working at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society) a few sections away from me to my right. It was his 3rd week climbing and he was taking it slow but steady.

I finished the section I was climbing, and then headed to the section he was on to climb beside him for a bit. It was great to catch up and cheer him on.

I ended up losing track of how many sections I’d climbed but I’m wicked OK with that!


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