Reflections on 2 years of November Project Boston workouts


I’ve known about the free fitness movement, November Project, for years, but it took a lot of effort from my friend from Social Boston Sports Fit League Jess L. to finally convince me to #JustShowUp.

First the excuse was 6:30 AM is way too early. Then it was that there was no way it would work with my work schedule.

On 1/1/14 I showed up to climb stairs at my first November Project Boston workout. There were so few newbies that day that a newbie meeting wasn’t held.

I was surprised at how steep the Harvard Stadium steps were. (I’m short!) I enjoyed the workout, but I still couldn’t get time off from my job at the time to attend NP workouts regularly.

Then on 5/28/14, I started to regularly attend Wednesday NP workouts. I’d requested a schedule adjustment from my employer so I could attend, and it was so worth it. (Now, I work in the same city as the one I live in, there’s no more 26.2 mile one way commute to work getting in my way of attending, like there was in 2014.)

I’m glad I’ve been blogging since the beginning, to be able to look at how far I’ve come, but also how the support of other NP members has been there the entire time, encouraging me to get over my fear and take the next step.

On my 2nd week of regular Wednesday NP workouts, the encouragement came straight from one of November Project’s co-founders: Brogan Graham!

The “yearbook photo” in the bottom right of the image above was taken on my 4th week of November Project. I look exhausted and had not managed to get “straight face” down at all. But, I was happy to be there.

Week 5, I discovered that the last Wednesday workout of the month has a DJ!

On 7/4/14 I joined November Project for my 1st Friday hill running workout!

By then, I’d fallen in love with the NP community so much, I joined their weekend spinoff group, Boston Brunch Runners, for a run.

Week 8 of Wednesday workouts caught me in a hilarious “There are more stairs?!” face mid climb.

On my week 10, I celebrated my 30th birthday with November Project. (That’s the bottom middle photo above.)

I was actually starting to feel like an athlete.

Next, I joined a November Project Monday “Destination Deck” workout.

By October, I was up to climbing 20 sections! (1/2 tour!)

I learned that November Project can be more fun when we’re weatherproof.

In November of 2014, I had my 2nd November Project “yearbook photo” taken.  (Bottom left photo above.)

11/12, we surprised the founders of November Project with thank you notes. New leaders of November Project would be installed in Boston, so the founders could focus on growing November Project. As of today, it’s now a free fitness movement in 23 cities.

Then there was the day my husband asked if I’d joined a cult, watching me nod along in the front row as the November Project co-founders spoke at TEDxBeaconStreet.

I climbed stairs on Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve!

I ran the Super Sunday 5k in February of 2015, where members of November Project helped me finish strong! (Top right photo above.)

Then work got busy for me again, and I had to take a break till April. I returned to the stadium on One Boston Day. I’d started a new job in April, so a much shorter commute to work meant I could attend Wednesday workouts regularly again!

I traveled to Washington DC for work and got in a workout with the November Project DC tribe!

This summer, I haven’t been able to climb anywhere near my record of sections, but I still wake up each Wednesday excited to be there.

My face on 8/26/15 shows that we never have any fun at November Project.

Last week was our 1980’s themed yearbook photo day. (Photo above top left)

It’s tough to put into words what November Project has become for me. It’s a community I’m very proud to be a part of. Thank you for accepting everyone and pushing us all to keep crushing our personal records.

I’m in awe of the very fit & fast members of November Project Boston. I love that it’s a community that also accepts every fitness level, and even holds “injury deck” workouts for members that are trying to overcome an injury but still want to attend NP workouts.

Children often join family at our workouts and I’ve seen pregnant women working out with NP too! #FreeFitness at NP is family friendly, with the exception of the one swear we start our workouts with.

We make sure that every workout you are told “I’m glad you’re here” and everyone means it!

Thank you NP for seeing strength in me that I didn’t realize was there.


16 thoughts on “Reflections on 2 years of November Project Boston workouts

  1. I’ve heard so many good things about NP but have never attended the one here in Baltimore! Too many excuses on my part I guess but it is too far away and wouldn’t work with my work schedule! But I’m so glad it has been good for you! I always wondered where the name came from??

  2. Congratulations! Keep it up! I love it that children can join in the workout too! My oldest son has been running with me since… well since he learned how to run and now that he is 7 he runs with me on a regular basis. I think exercise should be a family affair!

  3. Wow! Congratulations. That’s quite an accomplishment to keep challenging yourself like that! I think for some people, myself included, a sense of community and kinship and FUN is required in order to stay motivated. Keep it up! 🙂

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