BollyX at Boston GreenFest


On Saturday afternoon, I was part of a free BollyX fitness class, sponsored by Be Active Together, at Boston Greenfest.

It’s been way too long since I’ve taken a BollyX class and I missed it!

BollyX is a dance based fitness class with Bollywood inspired music and movement.

I have such a great time in class, even when I’m off beat, like I am in the video below.

I’m in the green November Project shirt

My husband joined me for an afternoon in Boston, so he took the pictures below:




After the class, we walked around Boston going to Boston Public Market, Faneuil Hall, The North End, and the Greenway, before hoping on the T home at South Station.

On the ride home, we realized my FitBit had died. I checked at home and it died at 2 PM, an hour before the BollyX class. I’ve logged the class and walk in my FitBit dashboard, but I’m a little annoyed that my FitBit friends list won’t include my 10,000+ step day.


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