Blogger Fitness Class at Life Time Athletic

On Thursday night, I attended a blogger event at University Station in Westwood.


The first stop was Life Time Athletic for an Alpha Training class. We were told it was a crossfit style class.

Here’s how the website describes it:

Designed for groups of 2 to 6 people, Alpha Training is the most intense, highest form of training we offer. It is an outcome-based regimen that works all of the body’s core energy systems. By focusing on speed, power, strength and endurance, it pushes the body to extreme limits and eliminates weakness while incorporating proper technique and nutrition to achieve maximum results

We had 2 trainers, Tanya & Keith. They both rocked.


Our awesome trainers

For the warm ups, we did high knees, butt kick stretches, and some jogging.

Then, we hopped on the rowing machines for 100 meters of rowing followed by sets of burpees.

The trainers were great at explaining modifications so everyone could keep up, regardless of individual fitness levels.

Next, it was on to the weights.

First we did squats with 35 pound weights.

Then we did a section of squats with weights, then using the weird weight thing the trainer is demoing below that I can’t remember the name of, followed by running on the treadmills.



I forget what this was called, but lifting it was a work out.

Jessica from Keeping Mommy Sane is looking on in the blue on the right.

I was so happy to meet Jessica in person after winning her Red Sox Girls of Summer contest gave me an AMAZING once in a lifetime Fenway Park experience.

I really enjoyed the class. There was a lot of leg work, and my legs were already sore from November Project stair climbing the previous day, so I definitely felt it the following morning. (But it’s OK!)

Then we got a tour of the gym. It is huge! 3 floors, a spin studio, yoga/pilates studio, weight machine floor, 2 basketball courts, a spa, kids activity room, and 4 pools – 2 pools are outside and have a water slide for kids! Wow! There is no set pricing because the customize each package based on what the person wants to do at the gym.

Here’s a photo of our group post workout:


Photo credit: It’s Kristin

After the class we drove to Sports Authority where they gave each of us a $25 gift card. I had a certificate from the Sports Authority The League program (I recommend signing up, it’s free) so I ended up spending only $11 out of pocket on a new sports bra ($45) and tee shirt. ($6).

Then, we went to dinner at Bonefish Grill, which I’ll write about in a separate post.


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