November Project – 8/19


I’m back!

After about a month of an unintentional break from climbing the Harvard Stadium stairs Wednesday mornings with November Project, I was back with the 6:30 AM group this morning.

I climbed 11 sections, about 1/2 of my personal record of sections climbed.

I’m happy with that!

My leg muscles are always a bit shaky and hesitant when I’ve taken time off, but in a few weeks, the muscle memory will kick in and I’ll be back to chasing a full tour. (Full tour is climbing all 37 sections.)

I got a new phone as a birthday present to myself, and it’s the 1st one I’ve had that has a front facing camera.

Here’s my 1st selfie ever:


Me, in the car, a few minutes early for the NP 6:30 AM group


Photo of people finishing their climbing also taken with my new phone


The group photo is posted! Can you find me?


Hint – I like to sit near the section number so I can easily find myself in NP photos


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