Gwynnie Bee – 2nd shippment

You may remember from a previous post, I have become an affiliate for the awesome clothing rental company Gwynnie Bee. They fit sizes 10-32.

For a flat fee, they send you plus size clothing to rent. If you love it, you can keep it, for a low additional charge.

Since I’ve been wearing Gwynnie Bee clothes this month & blogging about them, a bunch of friends have asked what makes them different than other services that mail boxes of clothes.

A difference that I didn’t mention in my last post is you get multiple boxes of clothing throughout the month, not just one box. New items of clothing ship out to you as soon as you click that you’ve returned an item on the Gwynnie Bee website. (Returns are wicked easy, using the shipping bag provided, and the US mail.)

Here are the items I got in my 2nd box:



Windmill Print Fit & Flare Dress



Monochrome Spotted Peplum Top



3/4 Sleeve Top In Secret Garden

Another thing I love about Gwynnie Bee is people comment on how well the clothes fit me in addition to how great the clothing looks! This is because I pick the size for each item of clothing that will be sent to me, and they have size charts for each item.

Use any of the links above to try out Gwynnie Bee for free for 30 days.

Disclosure: the links are affiliate links but all opinions on Gwynnie Bee are very much my own!


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