Soul Pose – A Yoga Party


Have you heard of Soul Pose, the awesome yoga party coming to the Boston area (Waltham) on September 19th?

Here’s how Soul Pose describes there event:

Soul Pose brings the party to your mat. Fresh music, colorful confetti, happy bubbles, and thousands of your new yogi friends posing together – this is Freaking. Awesome. Yoga. This is Soul Pose.

If you’ve never set foot on a yoga mat, Soul Pose is the perfect place to give yoga a try. The great thing about Soul Pose is that anyone can do it! There are only a few rules at Soul Pose:

1. Bring your party: Get ready to bust a move and love your body with thousands of new Soul Pose friends.

2. Wear white on top: You’ll look fabulous. Promise.

3. Have fun: Give high fives, take selfies, and sing along when your favorite tune comes on.

You can do Soul Pose solo, or you can get your posse together and sign up as a group.

Come join us, you know you want to. If you have more questions on the event, check out the FAQs.

I’m going to be there for the sunlight session beginning at 11:30 AM. There’s also an evening black light session that begins at 7 PM. (I may join that too if the morning doesn’t tire me out too much.)

Will I see you there?

I’m looking forward to a wicked fun yoga class! I’m thinking of it as color run style meeting yoga, instead of running. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Soul Pose – A Yoga Party

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