Blogger Bash – Day 2

Blogger Bash logo

Blogger Bash day 2 was even better than day 1!

Our day began with the Disney Infinity breakfast:




Then, I headed to the expo floor to chat with some brands.

I’m looking forward to working with the plus size clothing rental service Gwynnie Bee quite soon. (I’ll write a whole separate post about them once my 1st box of clothes arrive.)


Gwynnie Bee ladies at Blogger Bash: Melissa, Kelly, and Deidre

The Rite Aid recharge lounge was pretty awesome, and the portable phone charger they gave away rocked!

I totally used it at BBNYC to be able to charge without being next to a plug.


How cute is this flower arrangement from Teleflora?!


Then it was time for lunch! Lunch was sponsored by the Peanuts Movie.




The surprise at lunch was the entire voice acting cast for the Peanuts Movie joined us. Those kids are adorable and talented! (I was too far back from the stage to get a good picture of them)


We also got a crazy huge gift bag! It’s got a ton of awesome Peanuts stuff that I’m keeping for myself!

And I guess it’s a tie in with Pigpen, but there was also a full bottle of All laundry detergent in the bag.

The All made it back to MA with me, but it’s weight ripped the Peanuts bag so that didn’t make it out of NYC.

Post lunch, I was ready to go to some speaker panels.

The 1st session I attended was called a “Brand” new you. It was about health & wellness.

Renee Syler aka Good Enough Mother spoke 1st


Then Renee passed the mic to Nicole Sanders to speak about fitness.


Both women rocked it and I’m glad I attended.


Then it was time for a topic close to my heart, using social media for social good!

The panelist were awesome! Debbie Bookstaber, co-founder of Bloganthropy and President of, moderated. Experts from UNICEF,, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, and Woman’s Day were on the panel to share examples of effective social good campaigns.

I work in fundraising for a nonprofit, so listening to other nonprofit professionals speak about the impact social campaigns can have on them financially had me nodding along.

By then, I was getting a little tired, so I grabbed a snack to wake up!


Re-energized, I watched the Lights, Camera, Fashion show featuring Gwynnie Bee and Project Gravitas.

Then came the event I was looking forward to the most, the Bloganthropy Awards.

Bloganthropy recognizes and honors bloggers who use their social media influence to support charitable causes. They announce the winners of their 2015 Bloganthropy Awards. It was wicked emotional but the finalists deserved their honor.

The night ended with a carnival sponsored by Canadian Lentils! WOW! That was impressive.



This woman was in the chandelier and served attendees champagne! Crazy cool!


There was a whole row of carnival games!


A test your strength hammer & bell, complete with strong man  



There were dancers


and a live band!

There was also lots of tasty carnival type food – like corn dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream – all made with lentils (and quite tasty)!

For the conference, I was trying to kill my impulse to post right that second, but keeping off social media and taking all my pictures with a digital camera. (With plans to upload them either back at the hotel or back home.) The one problem with this is I didn’t realize how active the BBNYC Attendees facebook group would be during the conference, or that BBNYC staff were sending us daily e-mails. The staff were kind enough to open the carnival up to non-attendees that traveled to NYC with us. I had no idea, until one of the bloggers that walked over from our hotel to the conference with me called me over to tell me to go invite my husband. (Thank you for telling me!)

My husband joined me for the last hour of the carnival and we had a great time!


Thank you Blogger Bash for a wicked fun introduction to the world of blogger conferences! I’m glad I attended.

And with all the awesome walking throughout the day, I got in over 12,000 steps on the 2nd day of the conference!


3 thoughts on “Blogger Bash – Day 2

    • Will do Marissa. Expect a post with lots of photos when my 1st 3 pieces arrive from Gwynnie Bee. It will be 2 dresses & a blouse for this shipment.

      I saw a rack of clothes in person, and all the Gwynnie Bee employees were wearing GB clothes. They looked great.

      If I love them, I’ll have an affiliate link, so wait till I post that to sign up.

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