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Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to try a free spin class at Boston’s newest cycling studio: Cyc

Cyc is pronounced “psy” – like in psychology. (That’s not how I was pronouncing it, so I looked a little silly. Oops.)

It can be a little bit of a hunt to find the studio the 1st time you visit, so leave yourself some extra time for that. It’s the same address as the Boston Park Plaza and is actually inside the David Barton Gym. (You can use the locker rooms at David Barton gym when you attend a Cyc class.)

What makes Cyc different from other spin classes in the area is the emphasis on arm movements with weights.

To quote their website “the Cyc Method utilizes weighted arm sectors and sport specific movements for more than 60% of the workout.

The weights are beanbag type, which is different than other studios but I got used to them.

The bikes are no frills, with just the red resistance knob to turn, but no digital displays to tell you what the resistance level is or how many miles you’ve traveled. (I guess Flywheel bikes spoiled me.)

Similar to other studios, there is loud music playing and you’re asked to spin to the beat.

I’m going to chalk this up to the studio being new, but I had major problems hearing the instructor over the music. I’d catch about every 3rd word, so I was very lost most of the class trying to figure out which movements I should be doing or what position my hands should be in on the bike.

The instructor, JB, was great! She checked in with me before class, helped me get set up on the bike, and cheered me on during the class. I know that if the audio problems are fixed so I wasn’t so lost, I’d really enjoy her classes.

I’m definitely going to give them a 2nd chance though and go to another class in the future.

If you live in the Boston area and are interested in trying a class at Cyc, let me know in the comments. I was given some free 1st ride passes that I’d love to share. I’d also be open to scheduling my 2nd class for the same date/time you ride, if you’re interested in that.

If you’ve taken a class at Cyc Boston, let me know what you thought! It’s always great to hear which other instructors classes are worth checking out.


8 thoughts on “Cyc Boston

    • Sounds great. E-mail me at and we’ll coordinate getting you the pass. If I’ll see you in the next few days I can hand it over in person, but mail would work too.

      Also, random, but my Mother-in-law surprised my Grandmother-in-law with a huge scrapbook of the Rosie things she’d done since becoming the MA chapter President. She must have googled her name and found my blog post on the parade, because she included that in the scrapbook – along with the comments!

      My GMIL was amused at you and other readers calling her a babe.

    • Hi Johanna,

      Sorry – all the passes I had were claimed. Mailed one to Amy & a friend asked for the other on Facebook.

      There’s too much going on this summer for my schedule & I’m already booked the night of Yelp Fit Club.

      I saw Damien last night at the CM trivia night at Night Shift Brewery.

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