Blogger Bash NYC – Day 1 & Sweet Suite

Blogger Bash logo

As I mentioned in a recent post, I attended my 1st blogging conference: Blogger Bash NYC

It was a 2 day conference, so I’m going to split my recap into a post for each day.

Day 1 of blogger bash began with the Care Bears breakfast.

Care Bears Oath

We learned about the Care Bears “Share Your Care” program and even got to take photos with a life sized bear!

Care Bears 1

As a nonprofit fundraising professional, I was really impressed by the Share Your Care program & profile of Zach Kaplan – a 12 year old that’s giving stuffed animals to NYC homeless shelters

Next, we headed to Blue Man Group in NYC for a private show!



Me & a Blue Man

The show was wicked fun & they gave us an amazing giveaway prize for our blogs – so watch my blog for a future post on Blue Man Group and the prize. I promise you you’ll want to enter!

Once we returned from Blue Man Group, it was time for “Sweet Suite: The Biggest Night of Play”.

Basically Sweet Suite was a huge toy fair for bloggers.



Here I am at the Goldie Blox booth

This was huge for me since my Grandmother-in-law was a Rosie


I got to relive my childhood with Strawberry Shortcake!

I was overwhelmed demoing all the cool toys!


Yes, R2 is blowing bubbles


Change this sign to “god kids” and you’re on to something!

Since the god kids love Minions, I took some photos just for them:




It was an amazing day!

I got in 7,049 steps walked and was looking forward to more walking and adventure on the 2nd day of the conference.

Thanks to the wonderful women that walked over from our hotel (Courtyard Marriott Chealsea) to Blogger Bash NYC with me both mornings! It was great to start my day with a walk. Works better than caffeine to wake me up. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blogger Bash NYC – Day 1 & Sweet Suite

    • Thanks for checking out my post Hollie! Northeast Bloggers rocks!

      BBNYC is definitely unique and fun. I’m not sure if I’ll go back again until I have a kid, since it’s very focused on toys and parent bloggers – but I’m glad I attended this year.

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