Blogger Bash NYC – 1st thoughts

Blogger Bash logo


I attended my 1st blogger conference last week: Blogger Bash NYC

It was amazing and I had a wonderful time. All the bloggers, event organizers, and sponsors were wicked friendly.

I’ll be posting some recaps on both days of the conference soon.

Other friends that blog: do you have any suggestions for other blogger conferences I should attend?

I’d love for my next conference to be local to MA, but I can add out of state ones to my watch list for future years.


2 thoughts on “Blogger Bash NYC – 1st thoughts

  1. Hi Danielle, it was so nice to meet you! I haven’t been to a lot of different conferences, but I would avoid BlogHer – too big. I’d recommend Blogger Bash again — it’s definitely a great one. I love small ones, so I’ll also recommend iRetreat (formerly Reviewer’s Retreat). I’ve only missed one from this team – they are awesome! Anything from the crew at BC Prime as well, Rachel and Dan are amazing, funny and have an unbelievable amount of info for bloggers. Totally a great investment to join as well. Thanks!

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