Walking in Boston – 7/11

I had a great day for walking on Saturday – getting in 12,871 steps for the day & 5.37 miles.

My husband & I went to Boston.

We visited the art on Lawn on D:

Lawn D1 Lawn D2

Wicked cool swings

Lawn D3 Lawn D4

I’m in the photo for scale – giant rabbits!

Then, we walked along the Rose Kennedy Greenway – taking a break to watch the carousel.

Next, it was off to the aquarium to visit the seals. (You can see those outside for free.)

Finally, we stopped by the harbor to see an exact replica of the original Lafayette Hermione ship in Boston harbor:


It was a very enjoyable day.

I love that I can easily access the city of Boston via the subway from my home in Quincy.

It’s also fun to enjoy some nice summer weather after enduring the worst winter in MA history this year.


3 thoughts on “Walking in Boston – 7/11

  1. We live outside of Center City, Philadelphia, and it’s wonderful to have access but not live IN the thick of things.

    It’s easier to get a lot of steps in when you have a lot to look at while your’e doing it, isn’t it?

    Fellow northeast blogger checking in.

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