Looking Forward to Blogger Bash

In just a few short weeks I’ll be heading to my 1st blogger conference!

I’m really looking forward to attending Blogger Bash NYC & am happy that the conference location is close enough to me that I can pay for a bus ticket rather than a plane ticket.

My husband (blogger over at Staying Square in MA) is going to follow me to NYC. He’ll be wandering NYC in search of comics and retro video games while I attend the conference. We’re staying an extra day in NYC (the 18th) so we’ll have a day for sightseeing together.

I bought an ID badge holder that looks like a necklace. (The part that holds the ID badge unclips to be just a necklace too.) I figure that way, I only need to pack that and not multiple necklaces.

I have a comfortable pair of shoes to bring that I’ll probably pair with dresses on conference days. (And possibly a cardigan if the conference rooms get cold.) I’ll wear sneakers on the bus ride down so I have them for our sightseeing day.

I’ll also bring my blogger business cards & my tablet (for taking selfies & entering twitter contests. My smartphone needs an upgrade so the tablet is much more reliable for photo taking & social media).

I may bring a power strip so I can charge multiple devices at once and share plug space with other bloggers, but it depends on if it fits in my purse well.

Bloggers who’ve attended BBNYC in the past – got any tips for me? Friends that have attended blogger conferences: is there anything I’m missing on my packing list?

I’m trying to leave lots of room in my suitcase, because I’ve been told that there will be fun items to bring home from brands represented at BBNYC & their after party Sweet Suite.

My goal is to be friendly & meet other bloggers. I’d love to make connections with health and fitness brands to see what they’re interested in when working with bloggers.

Will I see you there?!


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