Rooftop Yoga Boot Camp


Meg rocks

Tuesday night I took a Rooftop Yoga Boot Camp class with Meg Rozanski as the instructor.

Meg is the woman that organized the Autism Speaks fundraising spin classes I’ve attended in the past.

2015 Autism Speaks Spin Class

2014 Autism Speaks Spin Class


I’m new to yoga so I needed my mat to have a cheat sheet

The water bottle is from the 2015 Autism Speaks Spin Class

I’ve heard from others that Meg’s also a wonderful yoga instructor so I was excited to finally find a class that fit into my schedule. (They were right! You should take a class with Meg too and find out for yourself.)

The class was great, and even though I’m a yoga novice, I felt comfortable with most moves and modified others.

I highly recommend Meg’s rooftop yoga boot camp. She’s got a special in July of $40 for a 4 week series. (I paid $12 for the class last night.)

Check out the amazing views from the rooftop we were on in the Back Bay area of Boston!





Yes, that is a rainbow flag flying on a different rooftop –

Boston is happy that the rest of the USA caught up to us regarding marriage equality

I’m glad I took the class with Meg – both to try something out of my comfort zone, and attend another class taught by her.


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