November Project 5/25 – Destination Deck – Castle Island


Monday workout locations change every week for November Project Boston. That’s why they call the workouts on Monday “Destination Deck”.

The location is announced in a blog post on Friday before the workout.

I was very happy to see that the location for Memorial Day was very close to my house. (20 minute drive) Castle Island in South Boston.

The destination deck workouts are always fun and different.

On Monday, we were asked to start at the top of the hill with 20 air squats.


There I am, on the right, not exactly speedy with my squats

Then, we were supposed to grab a partner and wheel barrel down the hill.


No photo of me available –

I was only in wheel barrel for a few seconds before I fell and went to the next exercise

At the bottom of the hill, it was time for 20 burpees. This was the point in the workout where I just started laughing like a mad woman. I don’t know what I was doing differently, if anything, but when I tried to plant my hands for the jumping back part of the burpee, I started sliding down the hill instead. (My guess is, I have more body weight than the others & momentum was not on my side for this working.) I kept at it though.

After the burpees, we were told to grab a partner and jump over them going up the hill. I formed a team of 3 for this & it looked something like this:


I’m actually on the top left of this photo (not jumping)

Then repeat the workout as many times as you could before “time’s up” was called.


Here’s the group photo (I’m on the right again) –

I love that NP members bring their children to workouts on holidays that they have off from school!

It was a wicked fun morning workout, and I’m glad I attended!

I enjoyed starting my Memorial Day working out next to Fort Independence.

2 thoughts on “November Project 5/25 – Destination Deck – Castle Island

    • Thanks Crystal.

      I’m a big fan of November Project! Their workouts are always a great time & the community is welcoming.

      There are 19 locations for November Project!

      I’m usually found in Boston, but if I’m traveling near another NP tribe on a workout day I plan to go there.

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