November Project 5/13


“Oh what a beautiful morning!”

November Project workouts leave me starting the day wanting to sing.

The workout for Wed was to run as many sections of the Harvard Stadium stairs as you could in 22 minutes, then turn around and race back to the start.

I was running late that morning & arrived at 6:30 AM on the dot. (I missed the warm up bounce so I got my own in as I waited.)

This meant I was one of the last in line to start, a full 9 minutes after racing began.

No matter though! I was there to improve myself & I’d do what I could. It’s all better than being back home in bed.

I got in 12 sections climbed. (No PR – but that’s OK.)

I was happy to see the positivity award that day given to author and long time November Project Boston member Caleb Daniloff. Caleb’s working on a book about November Project! I just finished reading his book Running Ransom Road: Confronting the Past One Marathon at a Time and I recommend it.

The November Project Boston blog post about the day talked about how our movement is growing and why you should join us.


Can you find me?
I’m wearing purple & am about 7 rows from the front – right side

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