A Tale of 2 Workouts – November Project & Fusion Class

On Wednesday, I decided to have 2 workouts in one day: 6:30 AM with November Project and 7:30 PM with Ladies of Equinox Fusion class event.

I should have just stuck with November Project & relaxed in the evening instead, but I’ll get to that.


The proper response to the question “You all good?”


One of the NP Boston leaders, Emily, wearing a “November Project Beast” shirt 

First, November Project stair climbing was lovely on 4/29! It was the last Wednesday of the month, which meant that DJ Phoenix was there to play music as we climbed.

I climbed 12 sections, with a few dance breaks.

After work, I took an hour T ride to get to Boston for the Ladies of Equinox Spring Fusion class.

I was really looking forward to it, but sadly, it didn’t work out.


Waiting before Ladies of Equinox class – different NP shirt than I wore in the morning

I was one of the 1st attendees to arrive, and I put my water bottle & camera on top of a yoga mat, intending to use the mat when it was needed.

The 1st section of the class was dancing with Ali Baldassare (Move Sweat Love with Ali). It was very fun.

After Ali finished, she told us to grab our waters & a mat.

That was when a catty other attendee literally took the mat I was holding out of my hand to use herself.

I was shocked! It happened before I could even react.
I left the class, thinking “I’ll just look for a mat on the other side of the classroom”. Much to my disappointment there were not enough mats for the attendees.
This event was ticketed – twice! Once to get in the gym & then another ticket to get in the classroom. (Both free, but I assumed they were intended to prevent exactly the situation that happened to me.)
Glumly, I left the gym – taking another hour T ride to get home & missing Sweat with Lauren Hefez & Jennifer Phelan Pilates sections of the class.
On the brightside, I got in 11,678 steps for the day & I was able to read Running Ransom Road: Confronting the Past One Marathon at a Time by Caleb Daniloff (November Project Boston member) while I was on the T. I’m really enjoying Caleb’s book and recommend it to anyone that runs – if you love running, hate it, or are somewhere in the middle!

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