Marathon Monday 2015

On Monday, I got to cheer runners in at Mile 14 of the Boston Marathon as part of my job.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s my 3rd week working in fundraising for the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

We had an awesome group of runners in the Boston Marathon fundraising for us!


It ended up being a very cold (40s) & rainy day – but before the rain came, we chalked the road supporting our runners!


Here’s a photo of the mile 14 cheering section for Running for Rare Diseases:


In in the front, kneeling in the pink jacket, with the “Thank You x 26.2” sign

My co-worker Ahleum is to my left, with a “Conquering Rare Diseases 1 Mile at a time” sign

Even though it was bitterly cold & I got soaked with rain – I honestly didn’t feel the chill till I stopped cheering. I was fueled by adrenaline from 9:30 AM – 2:45 PM.

As an added bonus, I could cheer for my friends that were running the race.

Every time I saw someone in November Project tagged gear, I’d lose my head for a bit cheering.

Then I got to explain to the President of the nonprofit I work for what the heck November Project was & why I would continue to scream at any NP tagged runner.

Worth it though!

I didn’t get to see all of my friends who were running. (There’s a crowd of 30,000 runners. Very hard to spot people.) But, I did have fun giving shout outs to those I did see. Your smiles made my day!


Me with my sign


Great job to all the runners that trained in the worst winter on record!


2 thoughts on “Marathon Monday 2015

    • Thanks Kerri!

      The weather made the cheering all the more important. I’ve never seen such small crowds for a Boston Marathon – so I decided I needed to cheer twice as loud to make up for it.

      It really did make my day when weary runners smiled because of my cheering.

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