Celebrating One Boston Day with November Project

This morning marked my return to November Project Boston stair climbing, after way too long of a winter break.

I couldn’t have returned on a better day.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. To honor the victims & the spirit of pride the city had after the bombings, Mayor Walsh declared April 15th One Boston Day.

The goal of One Boston Day is to spread random acts of kindness & be there for your community.

We honored the day at NP with a moment of silence followed by a slow clap turning into some loud cheering.

I got in 11 sections climbed today – which I’m OK with. My legs were shaking & a little mad at me for taking so long of a break – but I’m back & will only get better. I made sure to cheer extra loud for people that were taking it slow on the steps like I was, and introduce myself.

How can you feel sad when puppies are climbing too?!


Photo credit Elin

It was also great to see friends from NP that are running the Boston Marathon on Monday & wish them luck. I get to staff a water stop at mile 14 of the marathon as part of my job, so hopefully I’ll see them run by on race day too! (We have a team of runners that run Boston and fundraise for National Organization for Rare Disorders, the nonprofit I work for.)

Here’s our 6:30 AM group photo!


I’m in the back, under the 36 – proudly making a heart with my neighbors hands

November Project Boston just posted an awesome blog post about today that I recommend you check out: Love Is Stronger!


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