Fashion in Bloom – CambridgeSide Galleria

On Thursday night, I got to join some bloggers for a wicked fun event at CambridgeSide Galleria!

Cambridgeside Fashion In Bloom

I was one of the 1st bloggers to arrive, and I grabbed some photos of their photo wall set up & props.



I loved the clothing displays!




Delicious food was provided by California Pizza Kitchen


There were beauty stations set up to get makeup & hair done

My 1st stop was Sephora, where they gave me a bold, bright lip color.

Next, I stopped at Shisiedo and they moisturized my hands.


Then, I stopped by Clinique for some eye makeup


And off to Dellaria Salons for some curls to be added to my hair


Here’s my friend Janelle getting her hair done:


Here’s my friend Jodi at Shisiedo:


My last stop was Lancome for foundation and mascara


I wish I had thought to ask a friend to take a close up shot of me after the event.

I don’t wear makeup normally, so it’s a look you won’t see on me again for a while.

My friend Erica did get a shot of me after I won a prize from Shisiedo & was picking the next winner though:


It was autism awareness day, and I was pleasantly surprised at how many bloggers chose to wear blue in honor of that.

(I was rocking a blue – in honor of my awesome Godson. Yes, I even wore a blue Fit Bit wristband & blue sneakers.)

Jodi's Photo

El, Janelle, Jodi, Me, & Erica – with our hair and makeup done

Thanks CambridgeSide Galleria for a wonderful night out!

I’ll definitely be back for more shopping soon.


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