I’d Love to Win a Trip to FitBloggin

FitblogginFitBloggin’ is an amazing blogger conference for people that blog about fitness, wellness, and healthy lifestyles. It’s a 2 day conference in Denver Colorado in June.

Why do I belong at FitBloggin’? I’d love the chance to meet other fitness bloggers and learn how I can make my blog even better! I’ve got the desire to use technology, blogging and social media to motivate, inspire and foster a culture of health and wellness!

I’ve mentioned before that I work in fundraising for a nonprofit. It’s rewarding work, but the salary makes paying for travel to and passes for FitBloggin’ impossible.

Also, I’m from MA & this winter has just been crazy with over 90″ of snow falling in just the last 3 weeks! I need a trip on my horizon to look forward to – reminding me that winter will end! I’ve never been to Colorado and I’d love to check another state off my “visited” travel map!

I’d share what I learn about improving my blog and social media with the Northeast Bloggers Network – paying it forward for other bloggers who could use the knowledge but can’t attend.

You can help me win their sweet contest for full Conference Passes, 2 nights hotel stay AND a full FitBloggin swag bag by sharing this post on social media with the hashtag #Fitbloggin

Cross your fingers for me that I can win my way in!

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