Super Sunday 5K 2015


On Sunday, I ran the Race Cancer Super Sunday 5K with the Boston Brunch Runners/November Project team.

We were the biggest team, with 207 members. I’m in the photo above – kneeling on the right – pink jacket and blue Race Cancer hat.

The morning of the race was COLD. About 2 degrees.

I hoped that would make me faster, but my body wasn’t happy with me running my 1st race of 2015.

My head was filled with lots of negative self talk. “Why do you sign up for these races?! You’re trying to convince yourself you actually like running, but you don’t!!!”

I wasn’t last over all – but I was last in my age group. (7 minutes slower than last year, when I set my PR at Super Sunday.)

Super Sunday results

As I neared the finish line & didn’t think I had it in me to speed up – I heard my name being shouted from the sidewalk.

It was 3 friends from November Project & my husband all cheering me on to finish strong.

(Those that have blogs that were cheering me were Running on Bacon, Menulicious, and Staying Square in MA – check them out!)

I’m looking forward to seeing the finish line photo of me, because I sprinted to the finish and was smiling.

2015-02-01 08.11.57

Here’s me at home – pre race


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